Friday, March 27, 2009

April is serious business!

It's been awhile since I posted, but now have finally been inspired to write. So you all know that Capitol Peak 50 miler and 55K is coming up! April 25th is Capitol Peak and everyone is encouraged to come out for a good run on muddy trails or just coming out to volunteer! I've updated the website and with some major course changes:

The biking program for me is on a roll so far this year as well. Last weekend was a good brake in for what is yet to come. I rode about 130 miles with about 6,000 ft of climbing out to Hartstene Island, Arcadia Pt, Steamboat Is, and Hwy 8 climb. My good biking partner Brent Warner rode with me out to Hartstene and he did a good job, regardless of some bike troubles. We then diverted off in Shelton (second passing) and I rode out to Arcadia Pt and found out how many more hills climbing I've been missing all these years of riding! Then getting out to Steamboat, I had to stop and see my buddy Jim, who always offers me some good HOT soup! After leaving Jim's it was already 5pm and was hopeful to get up around Summit Lake. However, as I approached the Summit Lake turnoff on Hwy 8, I decided to just turnaround, since I figure I'd have about 12 hours for the day afterall. And I just witnessed an almost major T-bone accident that I might have been apart of. So it was good to head back to my house in the light. Here's the route for more details:

This weekend (March 28) is planned to ride with the Oregon Randonneurs on one of their early season 200K rides from Forest Grove into the Coast Range. More info at:

Next weekend (April 4) is planned for a 300K ride up near Whidbey Island with the Seattle Randenneurs. Here's moer details on that ride, it's gonna be a good one:

That will be a good ass kicker for the following week (April 17-18) which will be a 230 miler (376K) in about 24 hours, from Corvallis to Olympia (Randonneurs Flesche).

All these rides will be great training for my bigger quest for another Race Across Oregon this July 11-12!
Here's the website and map for that in case your interested: