Thursday, April 16, 2009

10 Wheels North - here we come!

This Friday at 9pm we will depart on the Flesche 24 hour Randonneuring ride. Find out more about a Flesche here. I am riding with Team 10 Wheels North which is a variation on the book "2 Wheels North", a story about 2 teenagers who bike from the Sacramento valley to Seattle in 1909. Ian appropriately named our team since we are going to be following a portion of their route 100 years later.

Our Team: Ian Shopland, John Pearch, Corey Thompson, Josh Morse and Alan Woods
Our Route: Corvallis to Portland to Olympia (via STP backwards).
Est mileage: 239 miles in hopefully 24 hours!
Anyone that want to cheer us into the finish, our finish line is at the Red Lion near the County courthouse in Olympia (at 2300 Evergreen Park Dr). Our ETA is approximatly 9:00 pm this Saturday night!

I will update this epic journey when I return.