Sunday, February 26, 2012

February 2012 Brings on many new adventures!

I recently just received sponsorship with Hammer. See my website to get a 15% discount (if it's your first order with Hammer):

This next weekend is the first big organazed ride of the year...the Death Valley Double Century:
This will be a great way to see what I'm in for, if I am accepted into the Furnace Creek 508 (application period starts March 5!):

The last 3 weeks have had great training rides permanents
Sunday Feb 5: Lacey-Shelton-Gig Harbor 200K:

Saturday Feb 11: Olympia Spider 100k:

Sunday Feb 12: Olympia Six Fingers 200k:

Sunday Feb 20: Olympia Vader 300k:

Other things John has been up to:
Being there for Heidi (not really crewing or supporting) at Arrowhead Ultra in MN

Celebrating with Heidi for getting into Badwater Ultra in Death Valley this July 16!

Also all registered for the Rocky Mountain 1200k in British Columbia, CA this July 22!:

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